About Us
Digimac is one of the upcoming mobile brand in India. After many years of research and development in the mobile sector we have come up with quality products and services for our valuable customers. It begins with R & D, Production, Sales, Services and it just doesn't end there; we believe in after sales service so that our customers experience the best.

The company brings together the industry with many years of experience with the R & D team focusing on product development and technological innovations. The company has an efficient management team who develop the right strategy for marketing, and to establish comprehensive strong dealer sales channels, to provide customers with quality and efficient services. Digimac deals in market-oriented high-quality products with sophisticated technology, striking appearance and the same is distributed through an efficient marketing team which is committed in providing customers with high quality products and services. We believe in providing the best to our customers as we look forward to establish & build our brand not just in India but also in the hearts of our customers.

Company Aim
Core Values: Customer satisfaction & product development.
Entrepreneurship: focus on professionalism, innovation, efficiency, teamwork & co-operation.
Quality management: providing quality products.

Offering high end quality products that too at a unique price point.
Latest High Resolution games and application are compatible with our device.
Effort to get a prime position in value for money product.

Age is not a bar, anyone who is interested in electronic technology, chasing diverse applications; who is in pursuit of innovative new products is a potential customer.
Targeting consumers who are more price conscience and searching a value for money product.

Digimac has modern research and development laboratories and advanced R & D facilities to attract the industry's top R & D talent, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise in research and development.

Marketing strategy decides brand's market share and product sales. Digimac is planning to build mobile phone outlets in the country, at all levels, expand distribution channels, and expand brand market share; according to the characteristics of the target customer & promotion to implement differentiated strategies to improve customer brand awareness and in return improve product sales.